Waiting for Florence

Right now, I'm waiting for Hurricane Florence to inundate the Charlotte, NC area, so if you'd like, we can visit while I still have electricity.

Page & Spine: Fiction Showcase , my free-to-the-public weekly literary e-zine, completed it's sixth year in May. It's growing in readership and submissions every week. Thank you to everyone who has joined our family. And thank you for telling your friends. This week's edition includes work by Lee Allen Hill, Sipora Coffelt, Ndaba Sibanda, Jenny Harp, Rebecca MacKenzie, Dan A. Cardoza, and yours truly.

Instead of blogging, I've been writing, organizing and assembling a manuscript of poems and original photographs. Seascapes: poems for people who hate poetry is a worldwide romp next to, on, and under some of the world's oceans and a sampling of some of the poems these scenes have inspired me to write. They're straight forward, easy to understand pieces meant to appeal to everyone. Published by NBN Pub…
Okay, I know. I have been awful about updating this blog. No excuses. Everyone has stuff--family stuff, work stuff, stuff stuff. I'll try to do better this time. About once a month, I hope.

Let me introduce myself. I'm N.K. Wagner, publisher of Page & Spine: Fiction Showcase, an online literary magazine which promotes the work of emerging authors. In addition to being Executive Editor and Publisher of P&S, I'm also a writer. I produce an occasional story, frequent essays, and a fair amount of poetry. I intend to share some of what I write here, and I welcome constructive criticism. Hopefully, I'll do a little better than my executive assistant over there at the typewriter, but no promises.