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You've been wondering about my commitment to keeping my blog up to date.  Yup!  I heard you tisk-ing through the internet.  Bet you didn't know I could do that, huh? 

Well, I haven't been idle.  I've designed a new website.  Take a look-see at  I think you'll like it.


The Sergeant Major's Wife by Billie-Fae Gerard Gill

Review by N.K. Wagner
   Sit down with Billie-Fae Gill over a cup of coffee and the stories flow. Told with intelligence and humor, The Sergeant Major’s Wife: A Reflection is an organized compilation of those stories stemming from the twenty years she joined her husband Bill in serving their country in the United States Army. At the end of that time, Bill held the rank of Command Sergeant Major; Billie-Fae was simply designated as dependent/spouse.
     But don’t let the lack of exalted recognition fool you. Mrs. Gill is a member of a select society which reaches back to the very foundation of our country—the military spouse. While the details are unique, any military wife will find herself nodding in recognition of the challenges and rewards this lifestyle presents. Military members will be allowed to see the other side of the coin—the life of those who “also serve” while their mates fulfill their duties. Civilians will learn what makes the lives of those who choose this lifestyle so…

We Survived!

Happy First Day of Fall.  Temperatures in the Carolinas are still in the 80s, which is a blessing for those affected by the hurricane.

Speaking of Hurricane Florence, she took a hard right turn at Columbia, SC and treated the Charlotte, NC area to manageable winds and relatively light rain.  Yes, some trees came down resulting in power outages.  The usual places flooded.  But we were, on the whole, very lucky.  Those who remember the visit of Hurricane Hugo to this very spot know just how bad an inland hurricane can be.  Most of our emergency responders are now working in the harder hit areas farther East to do what they can while flooding continues.

This week's edition of Page & Spine features stories by Eric S. Fromley and Linda Spear, installment 8 of Four-Bits' Worth and an "adverbial" essay by Lee Allen Hill, poems by Deborah Guzzi and Sandra Stoner Mitchell, and giggles on our CRUMBS page supplied by Jenny Harp.  We've covered the full range of emotion…

Waiting for Florence

Right now, I'm waiting for Hurricane Florence to inundate the Charlotte, NC area, so if you'd like, we can visit while I still have electricity.

Page & Spine: Fiction Showcase , my free-to-the-public weekly literary e-zine, completed it's sixth year in May. It's growing in readership and submissions every week. Thank you to everyone who has joined our family. And thank you for telling your friends. This week's edition includes work by Lee Allen Hill, Sipora Coffelt, Ndaba Sibanda, Jenny Harp, Rebecca MacKenzie, Dan A. Cardoza, and yours truly.

Instead of blogging, I've been writing, organizing and assembling a manuscript of poems and original photographs. Seascapes: poems for people who hate poetry is a worldwide romp next to, on, and under some of the world's oceans and a sampling of some of the poems these scenes have inspired me to write. They're straight forward, easy to understand pieces meant to appeal to everyone. Published by NBN Pub…
Okay, I know. I have been awful about updating this blog. No excuses. Everyone has stuff--family stuff, work stuff, stuff stuff. I'll try to do better this time. About once a month, I hope.

Let me introduce myself. I'm N.K. Wagner, publisher of Page & Spine: Fiction Showcase, an online literary magazine which promotes the work of emerging authors. In addition to being Executive Editor and Publisher of P&S, I'm also a writer. I produce an occasional story, frequent essays, and a fair amount of poetry. I intend to share some of what I write here, and I welcome constructive criticism. Hopefully, I'll do a little better than my executive assistant over there at the typewriter, but no promises.