Everybody's Writing One

Everybody's Writing One

At least, that's how it seems.  So many of my firends are finally turning their longstanding threats to write a book into reality and publishing wonderful work.  Tom P. Gill (The Bridge, Return to Emerald Isle) is working on his third book in two years after wonderful success at independent publishing.  Billie-Fae Gill is releasing (this week!) a memoir/history/romance, also independently published, called The Sergeant Major's Wife.  These great reads are all available from

Well, I've caught the bug, too.  For a while now, I've had friends and readers who ask when I'm going to publish a collection of my poems.  I searched through my innumerable computer files, discovered forgotten rhymes in ragged stacks of stray papers, looked through the Page&Spine and archives, and decided I might just have enough work to produce a real book (as opposed to a chapbook--the world really needs another chapbook, right?) if I p…

Odd Man Out

When you think you don’t belong— you’re odd man in the crowd—
just paste a smile upon your face and stand up tall and proud. It’s well and good to want to be just like your flock of friends, but blending with the background will never serve your ends. With all your unique talents you shine just like the sun. So, step right up!Don’t be afraid. Different’s lots of fun!